December 2021

Hyro's Events and Conferences

My Role

Online and Offline Marketing Design


Designs for Print, Digitals Assets


Marketing Designer, Field Marketing Manger, VP Marketing
Hyro's Events and Conferences


Hyro Conferences

ViVE 2023

ViVE is a major US healthcare conference. In 2023, Hyro had its biggest booth ever. I managed and designed the whole project, creating various assets like banners, videos, ads, emails, handouts, and a large 20x20 meter booth for 12 Hyro reps.

The Healthcare Honky Tonk

During the ViVE conference, Hyro organized another event for everyone who visited the Hyro booth. It was a party with live music at a local bar, all in line with the Honky Tonk Parties theme. For this event, I designed a look that matched the party, made some cool swag, created invitations, and stickers for the venue, and branded assets for the public space.


Until 2023, Hyro also worked in real estate verticals as well. Each year there was a team that presented at conferences like RETCON, one of the biggest in the US. For this event, I designed a graphic style used in a booth, digital materials, and print assets.


In-house Events


I led the branding effort for the annual internal hackathon event in Hyro. This included making unique logo, stylish invitations, and well-crafted printed materials for the offices.

8th Floor 3rd Floor

My first project at Hyro was to create branding for our a office expansion event. This involved designing a unique look for the event, making prints, and creating invitations and posters.



Throughout the year, I crafted diverse banners and assets for various holidays, all in alignment with Hyro's distinctive graphic style.