May 2021

Hyro's Brand Facelift

My Role

Lead Designer, Brand Design, Visual Design, Art Direction


Website, Social Assets, Product Marketing, Designs for Print


Marketing Designer, Animator, Illustration
Hyro's Brand Facelift



Hyro is a plug-and-play conversational AI platform that enables enterprises to add voice and text capabilities to their digital channels.
At the point I started to work on the facelift project, Hyro's brand had a minimalistic set of elements, basic typography, and loosely connected components that lack alignment with a visual language that isn't suitable for wide applications. While it initially served its purpose during the company's rebranding phase several years ago, the growth of the company has outpaced its limited visual appeal. Recognizing the need for a more sophisticated and up-to-date look and feel, I embarked on a brand rejuvenation journey — expanding and aligning the existing brand elements with the current demands of the organization.




These new typefaces offer an extended range of weights, enabling a more versatile and engaging typography application across various design elements.


I enriched the brand's primary color palette by expanding the range of each existing color, adding depth and diversity to the design. Additionally, I incorporated gradients using both the brand's new and existing colors. These enhancements broaden the spectrum of colors across all designs, while preserving Hyro's evolving brand identity.


In addition to the typography and color updates, I undertook the task of unifying and expanding the brand's iconography. I introduced three distinct icon families, each serving a unique purpose and complementing various aspects of company's communication.

The first family features flat icons with clean, complete shapes, employing a three-tiered color scheme for added visual depth.

The second family consists of sleek, uniform icons, each rendered in a single color and seamlessly blending into the background.

The third family represents a fusion of icons and illustrations, introducing a new 3D illustration style that adopts the brand's color palette. This novel approach serves as a versatile replacement for small illustrations or existing icons in specific contexts.

3-Tone Icons
Outline Icons
3D Icons




As part of the brand facelift, Hyro launched a new website that blends seamlessly with the refined brand language. This website serves the new and improved company goals and embodies all the changes I've made to Hyro's visual style. You can find detailed information about this project by following this link:

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Demand Generation and Social Media Assets

The new language offers versatility in creating banners and diverse ads for various purposes while maintaining the brand's distinct visibility.

Product Marketing

As our company grew, marketing design took on a new role—creating assets for the Product Marketing department. These assets illustrate product processes, visualize the company's structure, and are used in presentations, one-pagers, playbooks, sales materials and more.


In addition to the brand's online presence, Hyro is actively involved in physical spaces. This includes major annual conferences across the US and dozens internal events. It's crucial to maintain a consistent brand image that bridges these two realms and speaks a unified language.

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