October 2019

MyHeritage Web Pages

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Web Design


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Marketing Designer, Marketing Operations
MyHeritage Web Pages


MyHeritage Main Pages

About Us Page

I revamped the About Us page to bring it in line with MyHeritage's updated brand identity. Typically, this is the initial page that visitors goes when browsing a website, making it a crucial representation of the brand identity.
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Careers Page

As part of my work with the HR department, I redesigned the company's career page. This involved revamping both the main lobby page and the internal job listings page on the website. The fresh design seamlessly aligns with the updated company design style.
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Main page
Position Page


MyHeritage Landing Pages

Last Name

One of the features offered by MyHeritage is the capability to search for family name information online. This dedicated page was established to amplify the visibility of this feature, simplifying the search process and delivering highly pertinent results via the Super Search page. It also functions as an "entry point" for this feature, since previously, this information was exclusively accessible through the product itself.
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The MyHeritage celebs web feature is a visual representation of how two famous people are related, complete with general information about both celebs and their social connections. Mostly used for marketing purposes, the web component serves as a tool for the company's public relations department to create products for social media.